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Wednesday, June 09, 2010



Stacy, you are my *model* for a lawyer who has found a satisfying, challenging job that doesn't require you to sacrifice your family's happiness. I think your daughter could do a lot worse!

As for me... I'm not sure I would encourage any of my three daughters to follow in my footsteps as a journalist. Just from a standpoint of financial security -- we will have to see what the next 20 years in the industry bring!


Interesting piece, Stace.
As a mommy lawyer in private practice, I recognize the stresses it entails, but I enjoy my work. I don't have a daughter, but do have two boys. When I think of what my boys will do when they grow up, the most common fearful thought I have for them is will they be able to support themselves? I live in California, where everything is expensive, and where many, many people seems to have a hard time making it. Law currently is a career that permits you to feed yourself. With the right kid (and No. 1 boy seems to fit) it could be a very interesting career.


Remember to save a copy of this post for your daughter as she grows up!


Ha. Even with our sons, each night as we kissed them goodnight, we said, "'night 'night, love you, don't be a lawyer." And just because kids HAVE to rebel against their parents, one of them became a lawyer. :-)

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