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Monday, June 28, 2010



I'm sorry the trips were sick, but glad you got to cook to your tastes for once. I loathe short-order-cook-parenting, though I've fallen into the trap with J (he's the world's pickiest eater who will literally force himself to throw up if you make him try something new). I refuse to do it with the triplets which means that some nights they get what I felt like cooking (and fortunately, they pretty much eat everything, though they do have moods occasionally) and some nights we get stuck eating something I knew would please all the little people, including J.


Unfortunately, my guys' taste have yet to settle, so even at age six meals make my mind spin. I'm definitely going to try the rhubarb crisp, tho -- thanks for sharing!


Yum! As usual, my friend, easy for you seems gourmet for me...but if you say it's easy, I'll try it. Once I get my own kitchen again, that is. :)

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