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Saturday, June 12, 2010



Good mothers forgive themselves and continue - it doesn't matter which child it is. The first child gets all you can give. The second child doesn't get less but you are more confident that they are getting all that they need. The third child - well I don't know because I don't have one - but I do know this. Good mothers raise children who are confident, happy, secure and much loved. If you can do that with the first then it doesn't matter how many more you have - they are all blessed.

Beth Sperber Richie

Oh PLEASE, you are chaperoning the field trip!!!! How can you even put yourself in the bad mother category? As far as I'm concerned all children should learn self-sufficiency at an early age. Too bad I didn't figure that out until I had my third child :)

Hope Doyle

You are a great mother because you ponder these things and because your third is perfectly wonderful!

Avis H

Give yourself a hug! You are a GOOD mom! I am a 3rd child and know what a good mom looks like! We, 3rd children, are quite perceptive at an early age and realize our parents are doing the best they can for us along with the other 50 million things they have to do. We know, not think, that:
~ when you aren't paying attention to us, it is because you trust us. This is critical because the older kids constantly call us "the baby" in a tone that suggest we don't know anything.
~ we have fewer rules because we are your favorite. It doesn't dawn on us that you are too tired to enforce rules.
~ you don't sterilize every thing that comes near us like you did with the first child because you realize a bit of dirt will strengthen our immune system.
~ God sent us to you to bring humor into your life, so we are determined to keep you smiling!

Give yourself and your 3rd child a hug and sing loudly, "I am a Good Mom!"


My third child spent the first several years of her life thinking her name was "Get-in-the-car."

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