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Wednesday, May 26, 2010



Hah! This is terrific! Very funny scenes.

Just yesterday my husband and I sat down and designated one person to be the primary one in charge of each of the household tasks. I definitely think it was causing us stress (what a nice euphemism) to have nobody explicitly in charge. This way, when I help cook dinner, I can feel good that I'm helping him with one of his tasks; or when he helps fold laundry he can feel good that he's helping with one of my tasks. Instead of, hypothetically speaking, both of us resenting the other for not doing "enough" or "a fair share".


excellent post Stace! Just the other day I had a dream about you guys: you told the kids it's time for bed, and they went to sleep without hassles (in our house this is the stuff of dreams). So that's not how it goes in your house? That study looks fascinating. It reminds me of one I read where couples were monitored in this way to see what makes for a successful relationship. One point was ambiguous to me. Do husbands' cortisol levels drop more slowly than their wives' levels, when they're talking with their spouse, or do they drop more slowly than they would if they didn't talk. I would think it's the former because the UCLA link says the levels tend to be correlated, meaning a husband is better off talking with his wife about the day if only to drop her cortisone levels! Anyway, all very interesting. Thanks.

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