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Tuesday, May 25, 2010



Love that Alli - might need to pick up this book! Seems I've missed quite a few good books...

This is so true - my favorite quote above is "That your kids can function and -- get this! -- thrive without you in their grill. " LMAO :)

but content wise - this is the whole kit and kaboodle (as my grandmother says ;)) - "Really live. Like out loud and deliberately."



I know, I know. And it's just an indicator of how ingrained my co-dependence is, that I cannot seeing my brood succeeding until have gently and safely released their grip on me. Never mind that fact that it may well have been MY grip on THEM. . .
You are awesome!

Walter Bebirian

Allison - we create our thoughts and our thoughts create our beliefs and our beliefs create our reality - for whoever thinks that they are Indispensable this turns into their belief and this belief then turns into their reality - which is fine until the original thinking begins to change for whatever reason - changing the beliefs and then changing the reality -

Walter :-)

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