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Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Bob Snitchler

As a single dad with sole custody of my kids, I know all of the things you Moms do and I think you're all Wonderful.


I'm not a mom but this column almost made me wish I was. Good job. And yes, all you mom ARE awesome and we don't tell you enough. I think I'll call my sister and tell her she is

Owen O'Malley are a great Mom with another thought

I am a...great Dad. Mostly because of a secret I learned from my wife years ago. She hung a sign in our house that said..."The best thing a man can do for his children is to love their mother".

There were a few other lessons that I needed to learn along the way...but all of it has made me a better person.

Mike LaMonica

SFX: Screel of brakes!

1) Please give props to yourself. If you don't, I am right now.

2) Good daddies do the Science Fair poster too. And get the glitter. And the feathers. And make the hand turkeys. And use Oxi-Clean like there's a worldwide glut of the stuff. But dads and moms will never be equal. Because of #3.

3) Every day is Mother's Day.

That's just how it works. ~Mike


i love this post and it was written at a perfect time for me. we are all good moms, and i think the most important thing you wrote is that our kids know--through the tears and yelling and laughing--that we are doing out best with what we have.

i asked my 3 year old daughter today who her best friend is, and she said "of course mommy." i need to stop judging myself and realize that we are the first round of people in their lives and all we can do is our best--and we all do, or try.

and i do realize she might not be saying i'm her best friend in 10 years--but i'll take it now!

thanks for writing this, it made my day


Again, you put your finger on it! I love and appreciate my husband, but I do get so annoyed when people act like he walks on water for caring for his own children! Fortunately, he shares my disbelief and takes it for granted that he does the normal parenting that any mom assumes too.

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