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Wednesday, April 14, 2010



I think if anyone out there says that they do it all and have their sh*t together ALL the time... they are either delusional or LYING.

Life happens. We try our best to spend as much quality time with our kids as we can while still doing the things that we want to do.

We take those moments of quiet that we can get and TREASURE them. We relax, we get something done.

Then we wonder if we have done enough for our child, made the right choices, given the right advice, hugged them enough, said 'I love you' enough, let them know how much they mean and how special they are, and oh yeah... are they eating healthy?

Then the cycle starts again. We are parents. We have many jobs. Finding that balance is very hard... and like walking on a tightrope, we are constantly swaying back and forth and shifting focus. There is no other way. IMO :)


I watched one woman at work look like she had it all - she in fact set the standard that executive management expects for all its working mothers. The truth (once I became friends with her and got the inside scoop): her marriage is on the rocks big time, she is on an anti-depressants and in therapy, she barely sees her children who throw fits as they are being dropped off at daycare and are often the last picked up.

I didn't play it that way and was part of the last round of layoffs. Best thing that ever happened to me. I now have my on-line business, I am with my son everyday, my husband and I are developing a stronger relationship (after the strain put on our marriage from my corporate life) and the most important thing - I AM HAPPY! :)


Amanda, I am proud to say that the things you say you're learning to let go I waved bye to months -- if not years -- ago. I greedily and happily get help from family and friends with child care, including pick-up playdates in the neighborhood. I've dressed my kids and myself from the clean laundry basket for quite some time. And I don't even have a baby!

I hope that yours begins to nap soon. I have never been able to work while also caring for my child, but if you're used to it I can imagine it would be frustrating to lose that!!

Hope to get another installment of your personal life before long. :)


This blog really hit home for me. I have a 7 month old son and went back to work when my son was 9 weeks old. I work in a corporate environment and have grasped every bit of flexibility that I can. I've taken the earliest shift possible and work from home 1.5 days each week. My husband works a later shift so we get away with only a few hours of child care each day. I have a pretty intensive side job/hobby as a singer that I won't give up - even though sometimes I think it could put me under.

If my job would consistently stay at 8 hours a day I think I could manage, but it never does. It takes everything out of me to try to get in more emails and projects from home and not get angry when my son tries to pound on my keyboard. When I do get angry, I remind myself that it is anger towards unrealistic work expectations and not my son's curiosity.

To the passive observer (and even to those who know me well) I appear to have everything together. Some days I even fool myself into thinking the same. But the truth is I pray for the day that I can leave my corporate job. I multitask in ways that may seem impressive to others, but end up making me feel frantic. Most days I'm lucky if I leave the house in matching clothes, let alone unwrinkled (I had to giggle at the clean basket - I barely remember where my closet is!). My husband and I are two ships passing in the night. And each night I collapse exhausted, dreading the Monday through Friday when I have to leave the house before dawn and miss so many precious hours with my baby.

What keeps me going is that I know it will get better - I just have to keep reaching for and working towards it. And knowing that I'm not alone doesn't hurt either!!

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