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Saturday, April 17, 2010



You are too funny. I love this post -- it gives me a preview of life a few years down the road, when the excitement of camp has worn off and the logistics have overwhelmed us. My dilemna over the first year of camp with my kindergartener will probably seem like the dilemna over which stroller and baby monitor to buy: there are lots of good choices, just pick one! I guess I should enjoy this summer's simple schedule (she wants to go to camp at her little sister's daycare center) while it lasts!


I couldn't agree more. Camp logistics are a nightmare. My youngest, like yours, will soon be 11, so I've quite a few years of this nonsense left, but I find myself rushing the finish line while putting off any summer decision (camps, vacations, college visits) until all the facts are in. I am fed up with making plans early when so often minds change, dates conflict, and purses empty too soon. Mostly I'm tired of having to reconfigure it all a few weeks out! The last two summers, for a variety of reasons, I've procrastinated like crazy and given up any effort to find the ideal camp for a particular child in a particular week. It's not worth the hassle. They will go (or not) where they go, and they will be okay if they don't get their top choice(s). Now that they're older and I've been given the chance, I've thrown in the towel!


I hate camp too, and am one of those dads whose wife does 98% of this. But this year I made a modest contribution by putting our camp and vacation information into a Google Calendar which my wife and I can both modify, and see, and print.

Thinking about this a bit more, one could even have a separate Google Calendar for each your kids, and have them automatically be laid on top of each other, and make it easy to visualize everyone's schedule. I think that you can even use pink for your daughter ;-)

This seems better than a spreadsheet, except for the monetary aspect of camp.

I hate camp, but love Google Calendar.


I couldn't agree more. Two things happened in our family this year to upend it all: 1) Now I'm a consultant and still not sure when I need camp. Imagine my 11 year-old's surprise when she discovered that this thing she has always seen as so fun is actually something her mother sees as day care! 2) Many friends are now at overnight camp making it even harder to find a camp she'll like. And then to top it off, dear husband decides to get into the act, bringing home all sorts of flyers for camps we'd never consider. He is totally oblivious to the mom grapevine and thinks he's helping! Arrgggh.

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