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Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Karen Paul-Stern

I was at a work dinner last night with my husband, and I sent him home early to make sure the kids were ok. One of the people there, who is older and a grandmother, said, "I love when dads take care of their kids!" It stunned me into silence - this was MY work dinner, my husband was along for the ride, and he is always the de facto parent in charge when I'm working at night. It's not even a question.

I agree - the 8-month marking point is misleading, as I felt very physically connected to each of my kids at that particular moment and much of my parenting mojo was tied up in that. But now, with older children, my husband and I must partner on everything relating to their lives, so that we're showing a united front and the kids get the message that mom and dad are in charge together. Otherwise they quickly divide and conquer. So my parenting self esteem is no longer tied to who changes a diaper - now it's all about who can get the kids to listen to them!

Justice Fergie

You know what's funny - I've completely experienced that feeling. In fact I wrote about it on my blog:

It's crazy, but very real!


Wow, my husband's involvement does not make me feel like a failure at all! His involvement is what makes our family dynamic great. Our kids feel comfortable with both of us and I have complete faith in him.

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