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Tuesday, March 16, 2010


I used to have a lot of those types of things on my list. It takes at max 5 minutes to change a light bulb... but months to do it!

I was completely laughing at your printer story, because I DO understand how that could happen. Even though I do computers for a living, it took me a while to network the computers and printers in the house... Kind of like the mechanic whose car doesn't run I guess.

My biggest 'toleration' has been working for bigger corporations. Working for people who don't understand or appreciate what I do/can do... they have a list and someone told them to do things that way and they listened. Well I don't want to blindly sit and work anymore. I want to be passionate about my job. I want it to be fun. I want to change what I do. I still love aspects of programming, but I want to branch it differently, maybe consulting. How am I going to do that? I have no idea... but I'm working on it! :)


I was going to mention light bulbs too! We have so many that need to be changed, but first purchased. Working and parenting mean getting the basics done first and then trying to find the time for all the little things.

Allison Nazarian

Hi Shelly,
It is amazing how much we build things up (eg the lightbulbs) and then when we actually do them, it's no big deal. Often, I know I just avoid it instead of just tackling it. And that is something I am totally working on.
Thank you for your comment -- and for always reading my stuff. You rock!
xo ~ Alli

Allison Nazarian

Hi Kristie,
Thank you for your comment!
Absolutely -- we have so many things and not exactly endless time. So priorities are so important. I am the first to admit I waste time doing certain things when I should be doing more important or useful things. Then I wonder what the heck happened to my time!
But like I said above, I am working on it!
xo ~ Alli


I am tolerating:

* stack of bills and expenses sitting waiting to be filed
* messy bedroom with clothes everywhere
* non ergonomic office chair
* out of date virus protection on my laptop

Oh dear. That's a bad list. Can you have Dave stop by my place when he's done with yours??

Amanda Morin

I am tolerating a whole lot more lately, as we have a newborn in the house. I have to say though that's it's driving me nuts, especially when I see:

* the piles of clean laundry waiting to be put away
* that we've eaten the same meal twice this week and I'll make it again next week b/c it's easy
* the dust bunnies under the couch
* my teenager's cluttered, icky room (no energy to fight that battle!)
* the duct tape on my office chair because I've yet to go buy a better one

I swear it will get will...

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