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Thursday, March 25, 2010



Roku is the best thing going today. Netflix streaming, Pandora, Facebook and Major League Baseball are fantastic on the tiny box. Now if they could add HULU I'd be all set.


I think the answer to your question is, "How much money do you want to spend?"

We got a Roku because it's cheap (ours was $99) and it offers Netflix ($9 a month) and Pandora (free). Amazon on Demand could get expensive at $4 a movie, but some shows are free, usually pilots or season premiers of new series. Most of the other channels, though, aren't worth watching (although sometimes I watch things on Revision 3, and we aren't big baseball fans).

The Roku is also really easy to set up.

Unless you find a great deal on a Blu-ray player that can stream Netflix, I think the Roku may be the least-expensive way to watch good-quality streaming video on your big screen.

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