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Wednesday, March 31, 2010



I feel like screaming, "Where's my maternity leave?!?"


Like you, I had a great opportunity that I didn't want to pass up - I never told the client I was pregnant or due to have a baby soon. Because this particular publisher was on a tight deadline, they expected a 40 hr/week commitment from me for several months. Did I mention that if I took the contract, I stood to add more than 10K to my bottom line?

The day after I came home from the hospital, I booted up my computer and got back to work.

Another long-term client was fully aware that I was pregnant and made it very clear that they wanted me back online in 2 weeks and back in their office for on-site meetings in 4. I could have told them to take their job and shove it, but it's one of my steadiest clients and I get a WEEKLY paycheck from them.

As a freelancer, you can't say no to that.

So instead, I sacrificed my sleep so I could work when the baby slept and hung out with her when she was awake. Luckily, she also happened to love her Moby wrap.

In the end, I feel like I made the best decision that I could have given the situation. However, if we decide to have more children, I will do things differently next time.

Having no money and being homeless is an even worse decision. I believe that you did what was right for you at the time. Don't be so hard on yourself. Parenthood is full of hunches and doing what you think is right. Your family will love the fact that they have food to eat and are not living in a box.

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