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Wednesday, March 17, 2010




I agree - our absence is part sexism, time constraints, fuzzy media morality and deliberate blindness.

Since I'm a working mom, single mom and older (ack!) mom, I guess I should feel *extra* marginalized. LOL

Laura Vanderkam

>>Or to see beyond the stereotype of the frazzled working mom who has no interests or thoughts beyond work deadlines and dinnertime. (How could she possibly work, parent, and blog? How could she think?)<<

I think this gets at the heart of it. We have a stereotype of working moms as frazzled, sleep-deprived and time-starved. And unfortunately, a lot of working moms play into this by recounting their most horrible days or weeks in excruciating detail. I'm certainly guilty of this -- just ask me about the time I had to turn around a book edit by early morning and my toddler didn't go to sleep until 1AM! But of course, that was one day out of how many hundreds of others that have gone just fine. We need more examples in stories of people having no problem fitting together their work, their families, their personal lives and, oh yeah, their blogs.

Chrysula Winegar

I often wonder if it matters what kind of mother you are as far as the media is concerned. When I was a WOHM mother, just a vacuum of nothingness. When I was a SAHM, what was written was belittling, whiny, or just plain vicious. Now I am a WAHM. And that realm covers the full gamut of sublime to ridiculous. We're women. We're mothers. All of our voices matter. At whatever stage we are in.

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