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Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Megan Matthieson

:) getting it out is.....priceless.

Craig Agranoff

Who was chasing and who was running away?

Great article!

Owen O'Malley

Sounds like...reality tv at it's best. Might have to be on HBO or Showtime with all the curse words though.

Mike LaMonica

Thank you for that. I'm glad you let it play out. Kid on kid words don't worry me. I only have a problem when parents drop F-bombs and other things on their kids. In that case, words hit harder than a fist.

If it persists betwixt your children, I have a couple of fresh cans of whoopass at the ready. ~Mike

Carolyn Lawson Low

"peace at any price" is a terrible code to live by - the price can be so high. People who love each other sometimes fight - sometimes hate each other (in that moment).

The opportunity you gave them for release, to let it all out, safely, is a gift. And I suspect they'll look back at that as a (positive) turning point in their relationship. Someday (but probably not this week!)

And I agree with Mike about f-bombs - it's parents to kids that is MUCH more troubling. Or in the presence of grandparents :-(

Lisa Marie Mary

Very excellent points you made, Allison - and I, too, love that you let them just get it all out. We've had some long-standing wars in this house that just about drive me crazy. So this post was rather refreshing and liberating, can't exactly explain why, but, it just made me feel better.


Hi, new here. Saw your post on FB. The verdict is out for me on this scenario. Adult tactics are to talk everything out especially if there has to be a continuing relationship, but for siblings to do it in this manner, I'm unsure. I'm not in favor of kids going through their childhood together feeling as if - at any time- they can express themselves in the same hurtful, accusatory manner. We all should definitely talk, share, and try to get along, but the flying words to hurt each other is a different purpose. Have you ever made, what you think is a minor traffic violation, and someone blazes your head off, shoots you the bird, and then attempts to derail you on the road? It's all a matter of perspective, patience, and having kindness.

I have two boys, one is the aggressor and the other is passive. The agressor has exhibited behavior of doing things out of anger. While I know he is still very age-apppropriate, he's 4, it's still out of order, inappropriate, and clearly not the best way to treat someone who has very little to do with his disposition. The passive one, 7 years old, is forever being blind-sided, blamed, and "chewed out" which I don't want that to be his reality growing up. I already know he's not as strong AND I know I can't protect him. But I can redirect his brother's anger and help them develop communication skills with each other.

So I'm a little sensitive to the scenario of letting all out war occur to get to the point of expressing yourself.

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