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Tuesday, March 02, 2010



Another great column. As someone who left journalism partly because of the growing focus on celebrity gossip as "news" - I completely agree. Maybe Kelly R. is the girl next door. But not because she tells us she is.

I'm much more interested in real people, real stories. So keep on writing and teaching us. I'm not a current mom, or even a "current dad" but your insights are about life, and there are lessons for all of us in there!

Kelly Carter

Hey Allison... great article and fabulous insight. Personally, I can't get wrapped up in the whole celebrity thing and I have a few friends that are thrust right in the middle. I guess I've always known they are just people. Some have insights to share others perhaps not so much. Each is afforded their own place and purpose in the universe.

I haven't had the privilege of reading your articles before and now that I know where to look I'll check back often. Thanks again.

Let me know when you are ready for that coffee or tea. My treat! :)

As you know ... our lives are more interesting than any celebrity or reality show or fictional characters. I mean, seriously. Hence why I don't watch TV or read magazines anymore. Real life is much more juicy.


Love this post! I agree that the struggles/insights/stories of my neighbors are much more engaging than celebrities. And yet ... you made it all the way through the profile and I am betting I would've also. Is it just a habit to be interested in celebrities? Will we outgrow it? Maybe that's a topic for your next blog post??

Allison Nazarian

Hi Tom,
Thank you!
I agree -- give me "boring" real people any day. Because you know what -- real is NOT boring!
xo ~ Alli

Allison Nazarian

Hi Kelly!
Thank you for your comment.
You can read here on this blog or on mine (it's my name dot com).
Would love to have coffee, I will msg you on Facebook!
xo ~ Alli

Allison Nazarian

Hi Elizabeth,
yes SOOOO juicy :)
xo ~ Alli

Allison Nazarian

HI Katherine,
I was thinking along the same lines!
Especially these questions:

Why are we looking up to women who have little to teach us or show us?

Why are we trying to model ourselves after non-reality when reality is totally doable and awesome?

Why aren't we connecting more with one another instead of taking fiction and trying mightily to apply it to our non-fiction lives?

Great minds..... xo ~Alli


Allison - I LOVE this. You've put into words so much of what I've been feeling about our celebrity-crazed culture. Boring! Predictable! I didn't know you were writing over here... great place. :) I'll be stopping by again soon.


Well, that's kind of what blogs are for!

(And have been for years -- the world of online journals preceded weblogs, and was made up of mostly women -- some truly amazing non-celebrity women were part of that early community..)

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