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Saturday, January 30, 2010



I don't agree that whistles are just whistles. If only that were true.

This thread over at Metafilter from last fall - - has some amazingly thought-provoking discussion (and will suck up a lot of time if you try to read most of it) about catcalls and many related issues.

Hope Doyle

Free to whistle back - I like that.


Great post, Karen. The age of invisibility is hard. I work constantly to have it be freeing, to try to keep my heart from jumping when my hair cutter tells me of affordable botox, or the newest magic potion. At the bottom of it, I still slightly miss the attention. But only a little.


Gee, I'm envious. I never get whistled at anymore.


I didn't know you back in the day but I do know you now and you are beautiful both inside and out :-) (as is your wonderful daughter!).

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