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Sunday, January 17, 2010


Patrick Howard

You make some great points.

Most people think of their job as being secure, but nothing could be further from the truth. I learned (first hand) that being laid off has nothing to do with your performance, and almost everything to do with money. When companies decide who to let go, they look at who is costing them the most (regardless of how much the employee is actually worth), and who will be the least likely to sue them. (You would think that it would be a great opportunity to dump the non-performers, but that's not the way it works.)

While starting and operating your home based business can be stressful at times, it is certainly no less secure than sitting in a cube every day and begging for a paycheck. Besides, it's much more fun to work at your passion each day, and create wealth for yourself (instead of your company).


Good points on home business. And we all should have the fortune to love what we do and have it fit into our lifestyle, and even boost us into a higher lifestyle. I love my Healthy Chocolate business (certainly NOT Dove chocolate - LOL). First of all, I love chocolate. Secondly, a billion other people a day love it right along with me. There's no ice breaker that will get you more positive responses than "Do you like chocolate?" Pure unprocessed cocoa is the worlds most powerful antioxidant. With baby boomers reaching their 60s and having more years to look forward to than ever before, antioxidants are what they are seeking to keep them looking and feeling younger. And getting your daily antioxidants, Omegas, probiotics, etc. by eating chocolate, something we usually think of as a guilty pleasure, is like a dream come true.



Home Business success is achieved only if all other aspects of life are also successful. Over six to eight hours a day, you work, rest your mind closed, and focus on the work ahead. Have to think about work when she had to spend time with them.

Common problem for those who choose to work from home, is a constant tension in all directions. Many home businesses often fail because the owner is unable to complete its work on time. Or that they think that their families suffer from lack of time, they must fit their needs. If you are considering starting a business from home, it should be noted that successful business is all about time management.

roger turntine

Very well put.
You are all right and Very in tune with my own posts and blogs.

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Amy Reinink

One of the most fulfilling parts of freelance writing is the power to set my own schedule. But with great power ... well, you know the rest. Would-be entrepreneurs have a responsibility to truly consider what kind of work environment makes them most productive, whether that means a set 9-to-5 schedule in a home office with the door closed or flexible hours stolen between kids' soccer games and dentist appointments. Same goes for the kind of work that makes the entrepreneur most happy and productive. And great tips about examining the hard numbers!


Absolutely - I think some people make the mistake of thinking, "I like clothes/makeup/crafts/cooking" and then jump into sales of those items. But what you need for those businesses is a love of sales, not lipstick!

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