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Tuesday, January 19, 2010



That is a wonderful post, and those are some great lessons.

Isn't she also responsible for your love of Howard Stern? :)


Beautiful. Wish I could have known her. So grateful that I know you.


This acknowledgement must bring you great comfort. I can tell this beautiful woman is still so much a part of you.... xxooxxoo

Allison Nazarian

HI Douglas,
Yes, I did discover Howard Stern because of my Mom. DC101, 6th grade. You have the best memory :)
xoxo Alli

Allison Nazarian

My Mom is very happy to see that you are now part of my family.
Love you, Alli

Allison Nazarian

Hi Alison,
Thank you so much. It felt really good to finally give my Mom some real props in public. She's probably laughing right now :)
xoxo Alli

Allison Nazarian

Thank you to my friend who pointed out that this is actually my 39th, not my 38th, year :)


Wow. Thank you so much for sharing such a painful experience. I once read a wonderful piece about how losing a parent to suicide is like having your whole life colored grey - so much harder to understand than death by accident or disease.


I read this through my tears. And now I'm going to call my mom.
P. S. Your mom sure was beautiful.

Jenny Vidas

You are absolutely right - asking about how someone died shifts the focus away from how they lived. That question has felt vaguely wrong to me for awhile, but you've put your finger on exactly why that is. Thank you for your beautiful post.

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