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Thursday, January 28, 2010



My husband has been dying for something like the iPad for years. But I will do my best to get him to follow your advice and not buy first generation ...


On the name: I'm no more bothered by iPad than by ThinkPad -- I think the feminine produce link is overyped here, and the cognitive link to iPod was probably one they couldn't skip.

I agree that it's really kicking the Kindle's butt, display-wise, but since I'm not really looking for an e-reader yet, that doesn't close the deal for me at all.

Any idea about whether they'd ever add a stylus? I know that all the sweeping and gesturing are part of the Apple magic, but the way I use my current tablet definitely takes advantage of being able to keep "written" notes from meetings in an e-accessible (and semi-searchable) format, so I hate to see no equivalent for that use here...

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