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Tuesday, January 05, 2010


Karen Paul-Stern

I wish I had your gumption. I also, am not a likely tattoo candidate, but have ALWAYS wanted just a small one, hidden from the world but that I know is there. However, my husband is completely against it on halachich (Jewish law) grounds. It would put a rift between us that I am not willing to take on. But I still dream ...

Thanks for posting!


You sure like ladybugs -- I admit I see the appeal. I agree that if you're telling the world and your friends something, you should also tell your kids, so they don't find out through other channels. But I do think there are some things that you can and should keep private from your children, but I suppose that means also not blogging or tweeting about them...

BTW, it's my understanding that it's an urban myth to say Judaism prohibits people with tattoos from being buried in a Jewish cemetary. Even rabbis who feel that it's a desecration of your body to get a tattoo would consider it an obligation to pay honor to the dead, regardless of whether they have tattoos. See and

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I never want to have tattoo but I am not saying that I am against to it. It's just that the cultural environment that I belong with are not much open when it comes to that issue.

Chuck Simmins

Outstanding. If all parents subscribed to this philosophy, I suspect raising children would become much easier.

Great post, Alison. Mine aren't old enough to care right now, but soon enough!

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