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Friday, December 18, 2009



I can totally relate to this! I feel bad, but I have to throw away much of what comes home from school. I too have been less than excited about the holiday season these past few years.


We're moving this week and I've been combing through all the Stuff from the last two decades of my life. And yes, I have trouble throwing away letters from high school friends or souvenirs from the college semester in Italy. But TODAY's Stuff I have managed to harden my heart and toss. Nothing like paying a mover by the hour to encourage you to slim down ...

Condo Blues

One way I deal with the clutter of old Christmas, birthday, etc. cards is to put them in my gift wrapping box. I cut off the fronts and use them as gift tags. I haven't purchased a gift tag in my life (more clutter IMHO.)

I've heard people suggest using kid's drawing to wrap gifts too. Maybe you can check with your kids and ask them to help you cull their drawings each month and put them away for wrapping gifts? Or let them help you decide what masterpieces to keep and what to recycle? Maybe you could send the not quite keepers not quite for recycling drawings to doting Grandparents, Aunts & Uncles as a thank you note for gifts received for birthday and Christmas. I get kid art as thank you note from my of my nieces (she can write but still sends me her art) as a thank you note for gifts I've given her.

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