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Sunday, December 27, 2009



It is hard to take a vacation when times are good, but in a recession .. it is almost impossible.

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I think it completely depends on where your revenue stream comes from - if your revenue is very linear and tied to you, individually, performing services or selling then any time taken "off" is a loss of revenue. If your revenue stream comes from multiple sources in your organization then it can be a little easier.

Sue Rumack

For more than 25 years I was an entreprenneur as was my ex, both with our own businesses. Talk about double insanity! Needless to say, it is in my blood for I'm embarking once again as an soloprenneur.

Taking vacation even though I had employees to watch the store both figuratively and realistically, didn't work because I lacked organization and process, had not delegated authority in the best ways and naively assumed that employees would be as insanely invested in my business as I was!

But I have evolved and my family is grown and extended. Now more than ever as a solo prenneur without employees, do I need to plan my precious family time.

Being the entreprenneur when you have family and want to vacation with your kids to really build those all important family memories needs to be a priority (if you so choose) that is built in as part of the annual business strategy. Choosing others to mind the store is the most important piece of the total disconnect success.

What I'm saying from my heart and not from a manual is that if you want it all, and as entreprenneurs we do want it all, planning the perfect family getaway needs the same action planning as does your revenue funnel for 2010 so that your business doesn't suffer and your spouse and kids feel like #1 priority.

To be successful, you MUST plan to take at least 1 day every 6 weeks for you, solo, away from your business entirely. Recharge, Repurpose and Refresh.

To be successful with your mate and your family you MUST plan whatever time you need together to be as family focussed as possible. There is no template, no book, no guidelines other than communicating with your loved ones to see what they need most for your family to be as successful as your business.

That's it for now.

Sue Rumack
life essence coach

Portal to Positivity

Kathy Sykes

I was hoping there was a way that business-free vacation could happen. I am planning on "doing my own thing" in 2010 and wanted to put PRIORITY on not neglecting family and ME TIME! Keep this discussion going.

Entrepreneurs Blog

Spending too much time 'in' your business and not 'on' your business can be a limiting factor to success. Of course we all need to be focused, especially in these times, but some time would be well spent on seeing where you can pass on the torch of duties to others. I recently outsourced a nmber of my functions to the Philipinnes for example.

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