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Sunday, December 13, 2009


Amanda Morin

It's wonderful to see that the very things that make us good at being moms are some of the same things that are valued by employers. I know that I'm a better contractor because of having to be a multitasker (plus there *is* that perfectionist piece), but I don't necessarily think that everyone sees the correlation as clearly. I applaud you, Bonnie, for making the connection and sharing your view with the rest of us!


Finding legitimate jobs that are hiring is the first step. :) I have successfully worked from home for more than 10 years. Big companies such as Hilton and AT&T are cutting costs by hiring home workers. Cable/phone and hotel companies usually hire home workers for customer service. Also, the TV shopping shows hire homeworkers to take calls. You just know how to find these jobs. has a FREE list of hundreds of LEGITIMATE work at home jobs offered by well known companies. These jobs do NOT cost you money. They are employment positions. Hope this helps!

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