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Monday, November 02, 2009


easy recipes

The cherry tomatoes look great. I'm going to try this recipe.


We love, love, love breakfast strada. Thank you for this recipe. As you say, it's so much easier than slaving over the stove as your guests cool their heels.


any suggestions for on all fruit?

Emily Rodman

Im not sure I understand the question, but Joy of Cooking has a recipe for a sweet strata that would be good with fruit. In a savory strata I would definitely try some apples or pears. Those go great with eggs and onions and savory breakfast flavors.


you forgot to state how many eggs

Emily Rodman

6-8 eggs.  Sorry for the omission.

Emily Rodman

I dont have any more strata specific blogs planned at this time. Did you any particular questions or thoughts about it? Thanks, Emily

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