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Wednesday, November 11, 2009



Stacy, you do an amazing job of depicting the challenges of being a working mom! I totally relate to this one: Since the pneumonia I had during my last finals period prior to college graduation, I realize I always get sick when I need a breather. My body--and yours--is trying to tell you something when you are sick for a precious day off.


Wonderful explanation of being ill when a working mom. I find myself wishing for that day off, then I get it because I'm sick, and I want to be back at work. Get better soon!


I had my weekday at home, no-kids-for-2-and-3/4-hours-fantasy shot down today when Vanessa couldn't go to preschool because she's sick! I hope you get better soon!


I feel for you! We're fighting this battle in our house this week, but with swine flu. It's so hard to actually rest and not just do a "little work" or just make dinner real quick, isn't it? Feel better!

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