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Wednesday, October 21, 2009


This is totally my life. I trying to turn it off an hour before bed because I need wind down/husband time. But I wouldn't do it any other way because I love spending the afternoon with my kids. Nice article.


I agree with Aimee -- this is my life! But last night I couldn't stay up and collapsed at 9:30 pm. It felt soooo good to sleep.

For a follow-up post, I would love to see you address how late working hours affect our marriages. I'm still trying to figure out that balance. I feel that I need that time for me, and my work, but my husband needs some of it too .... what to do?


Yup - and I am a morning person by biological dictate. I usually doze off reading to my kids (they make fun of me) by 9:00 pm, wake up, and start 1-2 hours of work online. It's a rare night that my husband and I just hang out together.


Yes, it's so tempting to do all that extra work, shopping, connecting, etc. that didn't get done during the day, but what about the fog that comes from not getting enough sleep? On balance, I think it's a blessing to be able to get stuff done in the wee hours, but it can come at a cost if you need 7-8 hours of sleep in order to avoid a zombie state the next day. Very thoughtful, as usual, Stacy!

Lisa Walker, Family Editor at

I am definitely a harried working mom and every night after I get home from work at 7, spend an hour with my little man and put him to bed, clean the house and eat a bit of dinner, I have my only "free time" from 9:30 on. I am exhausted and every other working mom I know feels the same way.


I can't do the late nights, and regularly vow that staying up a minute passed 10:30 to watch t.v., or see a movie, or to surf the web, etc. is not worth it. I am too exhausted to add late night surfing to my repetoire, but somehow find myself going to bed at 11:30 at least 3x a week. I think it is because there is so little down time when you are a working mom that the temptation to get it at the expensive of sleep is the easiest trade off. You can't get personal time instead of feeding the kids. Or showering. Sleep is the easiest to go, and perhaps the most painful long term.
Blurry-eyed from a 11:45 bedtime and an infant up at 6:20.


Minute "past" not "passed" 10:30. How do you edit these things before posting once you're in preview?
did I say blurry-eyed? I meant it.

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