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Thursday, October 01, 2009



This sounds very promising. I was just lamenting with my business partner the limits of our current tools for collaborating on projects without being in the same room.


Spouse and I think that it will be an excellent platform for managing various household tracking things - lists, documentation, and so on. We've tried a Wiki and that didn't really work. I've already lamented here about the lack of good shared calendars (and of course calendars are only part of it.)

But I could imagine keeping several joint 'waves' with my husband going for vacation planning, pede's appointments, household projects, and so on. I'm very curious to try it out. Supposedly I've been sent an invite, but Google is rolling them out slowly over time.


Scalzi got his invite - I'm still waiting for mine; harrumph - and spent a day playing with it. Here are his impressions:

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