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Thursday, October 29, 2009



Thanks for blogging about Evernote, Dropbox, Amazon Universal Wishlist and Delicious! All of them sound like useful organizational tools.


Wow, Lyn. Thanks for writing about this. It's a whole new world for me. I carry around a small but pretty notebook but I might check out Evernote. I have to say, though, that I'm not great at doing the work it takes to keep up with all these innovations, which I why I usually go back to paper.


Stacy -

Oh definitely. Sometimes paper is exactly the right answer. I have a manila folder that I take back and forth to work of 'working paper files' -- the paperless office is a myth, IMHO.


You always introduce me to great new tools, Lyn. I am a Doodle addict ever since you suggested it. Certainly, I need a less blunt instrument than email - searching through my inbox is taking the computer more and more time these days...


Hey Lyn, You might also want to check out Springpad ( I work there so I'm biased, but its a great site to help you find, organize, personalize, or share your stuff. You can save recipes from any website to the online recipe book and then create meal plans and shopping lists from your recipes. Other apps include a receipt tracker and wine notebook. You can also create task lists and set reminders for weekly chores. It's also great for creating notebooks with all the info you'll need for your next trip - like creating lists of places you'll want to stay, restaurants you want to try, hikes you want to go on, and activities you want to do - marked with your personalized notes and links to every website you want to come back to. Create a group of books you want to read. In the Holiday Gift Planner, you can add gift ideas throughout the year, clip from the web, upload photos, sort by priority. It will all be there when it comes time to do the shopping. Access your springpad on the go with our mobile app. Share your notes with friends and family with a click. Would love to get your feedback on what you think!

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