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Saturday, October 17, 2009



I think you've really hit on something here, Karen. The incomparable Jane Brody wrote a column for The New York Times a few weeks ago lamenting that the moms and nannies (unfortunately, she leaves out the dads) she sees in her neighborhood spend more time talking on their cellphones and listening to their iPods than talking to their children. See Brody was coming at this from a language development perspective for young children but I think it's just as important with older kids to really talk to them - and listen to them - with your full attention. I'm sometimes guilty of being distracted by technology too but your post is a good reminder to be intentional and present for our kids.

Rachel Martin

I struggle with the same -- knowing that not only do my kids need my attention (more than what I am currently giving), but that someday, they won't need me at all. And what happens then if and when they don't seek me out? I don't want to be an old mother singing "Cats In The Cradle". But at the same time, much of what I'm tending to, I want to tend to. Just not enough hours in the day to do everything, and do it well.

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