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Friday, October 30, 2009



I totally agree with this post. My husband exercises regularly and it makes him happier, more balanced and a much better father and life partner. Personally, if I were Michelle Obama I would prefer my husband to have sports time with no women present!


I reacted on several different levels to this story.

First of all, I thought it was a completely nonsense thing for our esteemed media to harp on. Profoundly un-newsworthy. But I expect nothing less from "journalism" these days.

That said, there IS an issue with regard to women in the workforce and men using their traditionally male 'playtime' (golf, etc.) to also do work, networking, advance careers, and so on. To the extent that the President is also bonding with work colleagues (e.g., Cabinet members) and women are excluded, this is a potentially detrminental practice for the women in his Administration.

But, on another level, Presidents are typically isolated and it would very hard for him to do something like TNH Guy describes - that is, with just 'buddies' who are not also work colleagues on some level.

But I do think it's more complicated than simply 'let the man hang out with his buddies now and then' in Obama's situation.

In the general case, though, 'guy time' for Dads or 'gal time' for Moms should not be a big deal.

I agree with this blog post. Guy time is a necessity. It makes no sense to criticize men's only activities like this one. Though Lyn, you make a good point too -- when it's part of the workplace like golf games and women are excluded, that's a whole different story.

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