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Saturday, October 31, 2009



Thank you for sharing this story. It reminds us that even in the teen years, our kids change so much from year to year. I'm curious about whether your son took responsibility for leaving the shuffle in his pocket or if he blamed you for putting it in the wash. I'm pretty sure my teenager would've seen enough blame to go all around...


I loved this line in your post - "All the no-ness of our daily lives drips away for one magical, moonlit night." I tried to keep it with me all day today as we suffered through post-Halloween letdown, the effects of staying up too late, too much candy, and Daylight Savings Time. So, I said yes to more candy and more dressing-up, but tomorrow, sadly, I go back to the non-ness of our daily lives. I think even my little ones will understand.


Fantastic images of this young man. Is it weird to look forward to my 2 year-old becoming a teenager (just not too soon!)?

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