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Wednesday, September 09, 2009



How do you manage to be funny in a post about swine flu? And yet, I laughed out loud imagining all those future trips to the "awesome" health center for phantom stomach aches. Thanks for linking to my piece about the swine flu and working moms -- I think the key is to be prepared but not panic. My daughter's best friend already had swine flu last month, and it was very mild. So while it's no picnic to stay home with a sick kid for multiple days, at least this strain appears to be on the mild side for otherwise healthy children.


Thanks. Well, it is important to have a sense of humor about all this. In case you want to laugh a little more, my daughter had another "artwork accident" today. Something to do with an easel, I think. She got another visit to the nurse's office out of it. I'm afraid she's found her "niche" - apparently she was very friendly to everyone in the health unit and the nurse said she was "delightful." She did get a little bruise on her head this time. I have to admit I'm a tad nervous about what's going to happen tomorrow . . . .


Did you see the piece on NBC Nightly News tonight? They say that small business owners may be hit hardest when an employee gets sick or has to stay home with a sick child. They mentioned that Dr's offices, for instance, may be brought to a screeching hault if a receptionist is home sick and no one is cross trained to fill that position. How are other enterpreneurs getting ready for this? I would love to hear.

Emily Rodman

I actually feel a whole lot better about H1N1 after reading the article and comments. Thanks!

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