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Thursday, September 24, 2009



You're too right! Netflix+Roku is simply an unbeatable combination. And if you are a an active parent who wants control over what is viewed in the house and also wants a vast library of high-quality family programming (not mindless commercial pabulum from Disney or Nikelodeon) this device is a must-have. Keep in mind that Netflix is only one of three current channels on the dead-simple and versatile Roku box. The OnDemand content from Amazon is 4x larger. The other channel is Major League Baseball which shows live and archived games OnDemand. More channels are coming soon!


We have gone the opposite direction and cancelled Netflix in favor of a Verizon provided DVR. The bundle price was too attractive to resist: $100 a month for high-speed Internet, unlimited local & LD phone and all the TV channels I could possibly want. But I thank Netflix and Comcast for the pressure that I'm sure keeps those prices reasonable.


Yeah - it's interesting to read about various calculations that people make. Diane over at Nobody Knows Anything incorporates iTunes and AppleTV into her family's assessment:

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