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Tuesday, September 08, 2009


Peter Maywald

They will have to come to Norfolk Island a week earlier! Bounty Day is celebrated each year on 8 June, the anniversary of the arrival of the Pitcairn settlers on 8 June 1856. For more information on Norfolk Island, visit


Good morning - I am writing this from Norfolk Island. Bounty Day will be celebrated here on Tuesday 8th June 2010. Your mother and daughter will miss this if they are here from 11-14 June. Hope they can make it in time. Check out Norfolk Air, Air New Zealand and Qantas websites for travel detail.

the entrepreneurial mother

Quite right! I have since questioned said dates with Grammy and she has advised me that the proposed travel dates are 4-11 June 2010, and not the previously stated 11-14 June. I have updated the post accordingly. Thank you for pointing this out and coming to our rescue! Rest assured that they will be there on time, assuming all goes to plan. Cheers.

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