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Thursday, September 10, 2009



I love books and libraries and Google, but I admit the plan worries me a bit. If Google digitizes as many books as the company aims to, the errors along the way could not only be overlooked, they could be made permanent by virtue of easy access.


Lynn, this is a very interesting piece. Geek that I am (I too LOVE libraries and am daily thankful for Google), I've been following the debate over Google's endeavor. You've framed the issues nicely. I am going to read the ALA piece now.


I think eventually Google will work out the kinks. I think we are living in a VERY exciting time. To think that at some point all of humanity's knowledge can be accessed at your fingertips on your Kindle or iPod!

How will this change the world? We know that fire, the wheel, the printing press, etc. revolutionized humanity in profound ways. How will the access to all this knowlege change us and affect us? Is information and knowledege different? I think so. You can access information, but knowledge has to be internalized through learning and coupled with experience. This is a very profound topic!

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