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Friday, September 18, 2009


Erika W.

I think you will find that women advocates of family-friendly policies are more than ready to expand the focus!

An easy step for men to take is to start using any paternity leave that a company offers. The small percentage of companies that offer paternity leave report that only a few men take this leave each year. This not only sends the message to HR and executives that it's an unwanted benefit, it doesn't encourage other companies to adopt such practices.


I concur with Erika.

Could you give an example of how "the mom-friendly definition of family-friendly dominates years into our children's lives"?

I also work for a non-profit and have read the policies and they seem pretty parent-neutral to me. Is there something about how they're implemented that makes them seem more mom-focused? Aside from lactation support during early years, I'm having trouble coming up with some that's concretely mother-specific.

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