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Tuesday, August 25, 2009



Your post is so relevant to me as I am preparing to start my vacation this Sunday.

Yes, it would be wise to scrap this vacation. In the era of "no bonuses." and reduced dispossable income, many would chose to scrap this vacation or seriously downsize it. However, I (and for that matter my husband) take the long term view to life.

Life is a marathon and not a sprint. In order to be at our best, as parents and professionals we NEED this vacation to re-charge. We NEED this vacation to reconnect with each other as a couple. We NEED this vacation to make lasting memories with our kids.

I think a universal goal is to make yourself "happy." Vacations make me HAPPY! I enjoy thinking about them, planning, preparing, and taking them. I enjoy going to Costco and picking up my pictures and scrapbooking my pictures afterwards. I love, LOVE, talking about it afterwards.

There is this great blog about happiness, it's called the Happiness Project ( In this blog the author researches different things that make people happy. One of the findings is that vacations are one of the top things that provide happiness, before during and after.

Yes, I save some money and take a chaper vacation. But, if life is a journey, and not just a destination, why not enjoy the time I have on this planet?

So, I sign off to tackle the mountain of laundry waiting for me and prepare for my much needed vacation! :D

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