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Thursday, August 20, 2009



No No! Not another defector to iPhone.

I am resisting the iPhone because I had AT&T Wireless for a while and HATED the intermittent reception. I couldn't even make or receive a cell phone call in my own home! With my Blackberry on Verizon, I can even get phone calls and access the Web underground on the Metro.


You make a good point. I knew about the Metro issues, but I guess there's no way to really test AT&T coverage in my house. Hrrmm....

Cathy P.

I can completely relate. I, too, was struggling with the Blackberry/iPhone decision. The issues you bring up are right there with the ones I was thinking about (see I really don't like AT had been with Verizon my whole cell phone life (does anyone else remember when it was Core Comm?); let my contract lapse while I lived in indecision. Worried about the touchscreen...

I got an iPhone in late July. It is awesome!! I have no idea how I functioned before without one. Completely practical and so much fun. I even recently went on a getaway with my mom and left my computer at home because I was able to manage all my communicating on the iPhone (I know, I should be setting all that aside on a getaway, but really, c'mon). Also, I have a four-year-old and she loves playing games on it. It is literally like being able to carry around your Mac everywhere you go. Oh, and the video capability is very cool!

The touchscreen does take some getting used to. And, if you are worried about reception, my mother-in-law bought a booster for her home which has very spotty reception- she now gets 5 bars. I know, it's another expense but if you need it, it works. Likewise, rumor has it that the AT&T deal terminates in two years and there might be broader based carrier flexibility... I hope.

Go for it! I think you'll love it...

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