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Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Terry Neese

This is a great entry. More offices should have as supportive of an environment as the one you have created in your office. It is important that companies realize that just because some employees would like more flexible hours, or need to be accommodated in a special way, does not mean that they are not as productive as someone who sticks with the status-quo forty hours a week job. In fact, because of job satisfaction, they are typically more productive. Flexibility is a fantastic approach to solving productivity issues, complaints about unhappiness in the work place, and constant demands for time off. Unfortunately, strict labor laws prevent employers from being as flexible as possible. The private sector is not allowed to offer comp time in lieu of overtime pay for hourly workers, even though the federal government began offering this option to their employees way back in 1978! What’s wrong with that picture? Before private companies can fulfill all the needs of their employees, it is important that the government fill the needs of private companies.

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