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Sunday, August 09, 2009


Tanya Bunich

Great blog!! No, your partner likes it when you are late, its the only time she feels early. Late is my middle name! There is no way to be a business owner, mom, wife, daughter, sister & friend and NOT be late and stressed!


Thank you for these great reminders! I feel the same stress all the time, and mitigate it with similar tactics. Another motivator for me is wanting to raise a child who doesn't believe that running around like a crazy person is the only way to live. We -- literally -- do our best to have him stop and smell the flowers.


I love this post too! Glad I was able to offer you some Limeade and a chance to catch your breath when you got here....10 minutes EARLY! :)

It's good to remember the need to slow down. But so hard to do sometimes!

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