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Wednesday, July 29, 2009



This post is hysterical. And you reminded me that I forgot (for the third day in a row) to bring in my daughter's towel for water play at daycare.


This is so sweet! My little guy is too young to answer the question but imagining what he'll some day say puts a smile on my face :)

Vintage Mommy

Yesterday I was labeled a "homeworker", kind of a cross between a homemaker (yikes!) and work-at-home-mom. So glad she didn't say homewrecker. . .

Justice Fergie

Great post.

Meetings. My daughter would definitely say "Meeeetings"

Yael Weinman

Great post! I laughed out loud at "does coffee, eats lunch, and reads books." Not that far from the truth really, just replace books with "emails, memos and policy papers."

Nicoa Dunne

You are an awesome mom and lawyer, I can tell! And your great story reminds me of the time when I was headed out on another business trip and somehow the conversation turned to the reason for the trip and my 8 year old (at the time) oldest of three daughters said - after hearing the reason,said "Oh...I thought...well, I thought you were just taking a trip for fun - just for you when you went on an airplane and called us from the hotel room! sorta like a vacation!"...LOL, I mean really, that would be one empowered Momma, don't ya think?? -- "Had enough of you guys, see ya after a few days in Marietta, Ohio!" (not that there's anything wrong with Marietta, Ohio!)
Nicoa (Proud Stay at Work Momma of Three!)

Kathy Niesen

thanks for sharing!! great post!


Oh, you remind me.. Water play! Agghh! I love that they do it, but I DIDN'T KNOW. How would I know?

Kid moved to the toddler room, and on his second day they just happen to mention: "Oh, he needs a swimsuit for water play tomorrow." Ohhhh-kay... rush around.. where to find a toddler swimsuit in a hurry? Don't they know I order everything online??


Thanks for all these comments! Nicoa, I love your "vacation" story. Although sometimes work trips can be mini-vacations. (I blogged on this in April). And sometimes they can be hell!

Lynn, Just use a swim diaper. Or just send an extra pair of shorts. Who really cares whether it's a bathing suit or not?

As for the truth, yes, meetings, more meetings, emails, more emails, memos, policy papers, briefs, newsletters, orders . . . and most certainly coffee! Especially if it's a grande iced skim latte from the very convenient Starbucks across the street!

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