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Monday, July 06, 2009



I admit, I sometimes feel like a sucker buying expensive farmer's market produce. Thank you for articulating the very rational argument for why I am not -- and why it's worth it to pay more for locally grown food that I can feed my children in good conscience.


In case you didn't realize, everything on this Earth is made by slaves, regardless of where it comes from. You yourself are a slave, though you don't recognize it. We are all debt bondage slaves. Did you know that every dollar you earn must be repaid WITH interest? All the money in circulation exists because it is borrowed from someone by the government then spent into circulation. Actually, to call ourselves slaves would be a step up from our present condition. A slave merely works for a master without pay but in our condition not only do we work without pay (because all the money we earn must be repaid) but we actually pay our masters for our enslavement (the interest). To make it more complicated, we can never get away from our enslavement because there is never enough money in circulation to pay back the debt. When money is borrowed, all we get is the principal. When we pay it back, we pay back the principal plus interest but where do we get the interest from? We don't. The interest merely accumulates as ever larger loans must be taken out to repay the old ones. You don't see it in your daily life because you are blinded to your enslavement by work, having to make ends meet, shopping, entertainment, anything to keep your mind occupied so you don't have time to think or you would see everything clearly. Your enslavement occurs at the government level as it racks up an ever increasing debt load as it continues to borrow and spend. You think your taxes go to pay for government services? Wrong. Your taxes go to pay off old loans while the government takes out new loans to pay for services which must be repaid in future years. People need to be woken up to their condition so they can fight it.

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