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Wednesday, June 10, 2009



Good post, Stacy. It's sad, but true, that Mothers are often considered self-centered when we take time for ourselves. Yet, being mindful is so important not only to our sanity, but to our happiness. All the activity in the world is meaningless if we fail to reflect and if blogging is your way of finding that time, don't let anyone stop you!


Stacy, you scared me with the start of this post. Please don't ever stop blogging. I don't think you're self-centered -- as you said, it's a terrific discipline to have a set time each week when you reflect and share your thoughts.


Another great post!


I agree with the other comments and trust that you'll continue blogging for people like me who wish they could set aside time to reflect, but instead depend on people like you to do so! Week after week you make me laugh, think and identify with you -- I so appreciate it!

Bethany Matz

stacy - please keep blogging and keep me laughing about how crazy our lives are sometimes. It's so great to hear about how other moms are dealing with the utter lack of downtime to process everything that's going on around us!

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