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Thursday, June 14, 2012



"I just don’t have the energy or brain power to sit down and teach myself how to conquer yet another technology-related innovation. It’s not my area of interest or expertise, and therefore I have to muster up a lot of inner resources to learn how to do it."

You nailed it.


For the record, most of the things you mentioned have become popular so they are user friendly. It's not like when they told us that we've all have to learn BASIC. Good luck--I know you can do it. (except google plus & pinterest which I have decided to ignore. I do not need MORE social networking opportunities, thank you very much).

Melody Bakeeff

I write the technology column here and I don't Skype. :-) So don't feel bad. It's a tool, just like everything else. If you are forced into it by circumstance than it can be a useful thing but even I get annoyed when people automatically assume because it exists online you're involved.
And ditto Miriam - I have both a Pinterest Page and Google+ account of course. But I never use them. Who has the time for all this stuff?!

Jamee Tenzer

I love the idea of a technology pixie.. about to go find myself one, right now! We shouldn't have to be experts at everything.. just at what we do best! Great post:) Jamee Tenzer

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