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Wednesday, April 04, 2012



to make my large seder easier this year, I'm using the Costco veggie platter for my dipping veggies (having my sister bring fresh parsley), using beautiful paper plates for the dishes, but using all my special vintage serving pieces (many from my grandmothers). name cards are always origami frogs with guest names on them. table also decorated with the plagues (small plastic frogs, beasts, etc.). Happy Passover and thanks for reminding us that we cannot do it all and I don't know how my grandma did it either.


What a great idea, Julie -- paper plates for the dishes, but the nice china, etc. for serving pieces! I was totally stressing over all the dishes I was going to have to hand wash on Friday night, but now I think I'm going to go hit up the party store. Great blog, Stacy. I agree with Joan Nathan - accept help when it's offered. We are hosting at my house because I'm better equipped for all the little kids, but my wonderful mom is making the lion's share of the meal :-) Happy Passover!

Sonia Rosen

where in south america are you going?

I love passover too . . and relish the time i get to spend figuring out our menu -- many items of which come from Jews near and far. But many of the recipes do end up with a Latino flavor (gee, i wonder why? but they are very good, i must say). There are a number of fantastic chefs (particularly Mexican chefs) who fuse Latino and Jewish foods with mouth watering results. THis year my modern orthodox family will be in town, so my menu must accomodate them.

So it's Wednesday night. I just finished most of my shopping (I still have to go to the Fish Market in the am for Halibut). Now i have to look over my home-made haggadah and add/edit/replace and print out anew for everyone. I'm still looking for a reading that reflects upon the seeming rise in racism recently -- eg Trayvon Martin and anti-immigrant hatred. I think noting this as a community "plague" is important this year. I also saw a hip-hop version of the plagues, which i'd love to play at seder. . .. but thinkin' that my orthodox family may not go for the electronic stuff, it being a Hag and all. the song they would like!

I've helped clean my mom's house and mine is a wreck. no beds made, legos everywhere, you get the picture. I haven't even had time to take the chametz out . . oy! And now to make the home-made asian inspired gefilte fish (the kids LOVE it!) and the square eggs, and the 3 types of charoset. Chicken soup is done except for the matzah balls. I pick up my brother and his kids at 2pm tomorrow, and then pack food, clothes, etc for me and Eli to decamp to my folks house for 4 days.

hmm. I think i'll open the fridge and get rid of the last couple of beers. that's taking care of some chametz!

so, long story short. Chag Sameach Karen. Abrazos to all. We're kinda missing AS these days . . .


p.s. and you know I always love your blogposts :)


Hmm. . .Actually most of the Mom are always love to work with busy sign. This Passover Plan honestly impressive through by work certainly.

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