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Wednesday, January 05, 2011



When I was pumping, I often thought how fortunate I was to have a private office with a door. So many women share offices or work in cubicles or open hallways who don't have that luxury.


Nice post. Good to hear about the new law protecting women's right to breastfeed. My employer gave us a "mother's room" for pumping which was really nice. I had to travel though shortly after returning to work and pumping on the airplane, in the airport and the bathroom of a client's office - wasn't fun, but I'm glad I kept it up. Hopefully more women will be able to do it now!

Wendy Wright, IBCLC

Great summary of what it is really like - it's not perfect, but with a little creativity and help from the employer - it is a great step to providing the best nutrition and protection to our children. I work as a lactation consultant in Northern California and many of the companies we work work are on board already. Its a short term commitment for a huge long term gain. Thanks for your post.

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