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Friday, January 07, 2011



I dressed as Princess Leia for Halloween several years in a row (as a child) so I feel your pain at the inadvertent spoiler. My 6-year old daughter is very into Star Wars stories and the characters and accessories (lego!) but so far has been too scared to sit through the entire movie. We probably introduced it too early when it really was too scary for her.

I would also recommend: Mary Poppins and the Sound of Music, which we just introduced and everyone loved.


Nice post. I love it. Waiting your new posts. Thank you...


Wife response - hey, at least I didn't ask out loud when Luke and Leia would find out they are siblings, when Han Solo gets frozen (can't wait to "remember" why that happens!), and when do Leia and Han kiss (that would have grossed out the son!)

We've watched Mary Poppins - he loved it - and watching Annie with him was also a big delight for me a while back. :)

Wendy Wright, IBCLC

We just started Star Wars (in the order they were released) two days ago. We watch about 30 minutes a night and then answer all questions. This weekend we will finish the first one - my son is four and loves the Star Wars legos so we thought the movie would be a great addition. Princess Bride is also a big hit at our house. Nanny McPhee (the first one) is a fun one to watch.

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We just began Celebrity Conflicts (in the transaction they were released) two times ago. We observe about Half an hour a evening and then response all concerns. This few times we will complete the first one - my son is four and likes the Celebrity Conflicts legos so we believed the film would be a welcome boost. Queen Bride-to-be is also a big hit at our home. Babysitter McPhee (the first one) is a fun one to look at.

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