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Monday, May 03, 2010


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What a funny post. And how true! We often resort to ketchup to make food appealing to our kids too. Last night my husband made amazing salmon patties (from your recipe, in fact!) that were so yummy -- but the 3-year old drowned them in ketchup before eating. Sigh.

I'll give him this recipe and see if he fares any better...


Chances are we have dined at your house and a certain 6.5 year old used ketchup, since any time we have chicken or any meat, the aforementioned condiment comes out! We'll have to try making dip-a-dilla soon.


Elana, I love reading your posts. You write so beautifully and you actually get me excited to try these new recipes :)



Chicken quesadilla recipe

A yummy delicious recipe.

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