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Sunday, May 02, 2010


Mary P

This is not good. This "shortcuts" may make life easier for you, but they defeat the purpose of social media interaction. You're not engaging users, but shooting out a feed, not human words, and not actually following back or opening up dialogue with your audience.

Twitter eliminates feeds from their search, so not only are you not engaging users, but rendering yourself invisible for users who don't follow you already.


Mary P is correct. "Social" media is the opposite of "Broadcast" media.


Thank you both for your comments. I see that I struck a nerve!

It's interesting to me that you consider advance scheduling of tweets a feed. To me, it's just more efficient. When I write up 10 posts at a time it can take me just a half hour, but if I tackled each one individually, it would take 5 minutes each -- nearly an hour of work.

And I hope you noticed that I agree with you about the importance of dialogue. To quote myself: "Since I know full well that social media is more about listening than talking, I try to promote friends' projects, share interesting information and respond to comments more than I talk about myself. But I do it in batches."

I don't see how other people get any work done when they're constantly engaged in social media -- my mind works best when I have dedicated chunks of time to research, write, and think about the work I'm doing.


Social media has boomed so much this year it is insane. With that comes the invention of real time search, which happens to be very useful. People want to be so on top of everything going on in the world wide web and I believe real time search is a great step in a positive direction.


Great post! I wondered about this myself when I went to the ASJA Writer's Conference this year. How on earth would I be able to keep up with Twitter, Facebook, and other social media outlets while also handling all the details for my writing business AND having a life?

Thank you for giving me some ideas on how to juggle everything, this has been really helpful.

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